The TaxForward Alliance is a group of leading tax specialists who have come together from various national firm backgrounds to offer a complete continuum of tax solutions. We are united by our boutique philosophies, our commitment to our clients and our specialized expertise. Working together as a seamless team, our strengths complement each other and allow us to provide the highest level of service to our clients.

Our Approach

We believe in people. We do whatever it takes to help our clients succeed, and we believe the best way to do that is to have the most experienced people possible at the helm. Each of our firms was founded by recognized leaders in their tax specialties.

We believe in unique. We have channeled our experience into boutique firms that provide creative solutions with a higher level of service. Each engagement is a chance for us to create something new, and challenge ourselves to provide a solution that perfectly meets our clients’ needs.

We believe in easy. Our clients benefit from the focused knowledge of expert tax specialists, while receiving the same seamless service they would get working with a single firm.

Small Focus, Big Service

You get the benefits of working with a specialist alongside the comprehensive service of a large firm. Our complementary services allow us to meet your every tax and audit need, and we work together to ensure a consistent, easy experience.

  • Multistate Sales and Use
    Tax Consulting
  • Audit Defense and Refund Reviews
  • Tax Compliance
  • Canadian Sales Tax
    (GST/HST and PST)
  • Sales and Use Tax
  • Security Reviews
  • Taxability Research

  • Tax Process Review
  • Internal Audit
  • Nexus Studies
  • Tax Technology
  • Unclaimed Property Services
  • Voluntary Disclosures
  • VAT ERP System
  • Tax Incentive and Site
    Globegistics LLC
    Globegistics delivers a wide range of services for VAT integration needs. Project success does not happen by accident. A strong implementation begins with a solid plan. Globegistics has worked with global companies in a wide range of industries. Identifying the correct implementation approach, roll-out strategy and internal pilot implementations are crucial to project success. Globegistics provides the expertise to identify the VAT implementation approach that works best for your situation.
    • Tax engine integration with ERP systems
    • VAT business transformation
    • Global implementation best practice reviews
    • Design, configuration and integration testing
    • Configuration support and training
    Contact: David McRaven 503.705.6841
    Pritchett Sales & Use Tax Consulting
    Pritchett Sales and Use Tax Consulting focuses on the state of Arkansas. Having served as an auditor for the state of Arkansas for ten years, I understand that the interpretation and application of Arkansas statutes and rules are critical to bottom line profits. The Arkansas Sales and Use Tax School holds three seminars each year to inform businesses of changes in laws, interpretations and application of the imposition of laws on purchases and sales in the state of Arkansas.
    • Refund review
    • Audit defense
    • Educational seminars – Arkansas sales & use tax statutes and rules
    • Custom Arkansas sales & use tax training
    • Anonymous legal opinion requests with the state of Arkansas
    • Voluntary disclosure agreements with the state of Arkansas
    • Arkansas sales & use tax speaking engagements
    Contact: B.J. Pritchett, CMI 501.922.4327
    R&M Consulting
    R&M is a boutique tax and internal audit firm built and run on passion. We don’t just say “we care,” we do—and it shows. It’s evident in the expert team of tax and audit specialists that we’ve built, the around-the-clock support we provide and the way we tailor our services to your wants and needs. Working with us, you have a partner dedicated to helping you reach a higher level of success.
    • Sales & use tax compliance (outsourcing, co-sourcing and loan staff)
    • Sales & use tax audit assistance
    • Sales & use tax research
    • Sales & use tax special projects
    • Income tax compliance (outsourcing, co-sourcing and loan staff)
    • Income tax audit assistance
    • Income tax research and special projects
    • Tax provision
    • Internal audit
    • Information technology audit
    • Security reviews
    Contact: Kim Rice 312.326.9200
    Sales Tax Institute
    Whether your company is expanding into new jurisdictions, responding to unexpected changes or acting to maximize profitability, you can’t afford to fall behind in the dynamic world of sales and use tax. The Sales Tax Institute is a premier think tank and thought leader on sales and use tax, providing expert-led courses for beginners and experienced tax specialists alike. Our flexible, specialized courses will give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to manage your sales and use tax obligation—and measurably minimize tax expenses and administrative costs.
    • Basics of Sales & Use Tax: 3-day class geared toward entry-level professionals
    • Advanced Sales & Use Tax: 3-day workshop geared toward sales & use tax specialists with at least four years of experience
    • Tax Leader Summit for tax department leaders
    • Online sales & use tax courses
    • Sales & use tax webinars
    • Custom sales & use tax training
    Contact: Diane Yetter 312.701.1800
    State & Local Network Projects, LLC
    The State & Local Network group is your turnkey solution for getting things done. Our personnel specialize in taking on your wish list of project needs and putting tasks into action so that you timely complete your goals in a high-quality and efficient manner. We understand your need for performance management and will provide you what you need to support your accomplishments. We are your job shop for making things happen and with our experience, templates and state and local contacts throughout the U.S., we can and will get it done and keep you informed throughout the process.
    Services: Multi-State Sales & Use Tax Services
    • Refund recovery
    • Audit defense
    • Nexus & voluntary disclosure
    • Letter rulings & opinions
    Multi-State Unclaimed Property Services
    • Consulting
    • Status review & risk analysis
    • Voluntary disclosure
    • Policies, procedures & training
    • Compliance
    Contact: Susie Boschert 314.808.1103
    Tax Technology Group, Inc.
    Tax Technology Group designs and implements tax technology solutions tailored to meet your specific business requirements. We help tax departments and organizations improve tax-related processes, and we help them implement or refine existing indirect tax solutions. Using our extensive tax technology experience, TTG guides you through the entire process, step by step. You receive an ideal solution—and better yet, you will actually understand it.
    • Business process review & best practices assessment
    • Tax software strategy & selection
    • Tax systems implementation
    • Custom tax systems development
    Contact: Kai Ranabargar 626.808.7764
    Veridical Tax Advisors Inc.
    At Veridical, we understand Canadian Sales Tax. It is what we do. In fact, whether you are a Canadian or non-Canadian organization, helping you understand, manage and administer your Canadian sales tax issues and concerns is what we do best. Drawing from our depth of experience both in industry and public practice, we are here to work with you to provide you with the practical solutions required to effectively manage your Canadian sales tax issues so that you can focus on what you do best. As a boutique firm we focus on providing you with responsive, timely and comprehensive advice that is specifically geared to your needs when you need it most.
    • Canadian sales tax advisory and consulting services
    • Canadian sales tax assistance for non-residents doing business in Canada
    • Canadian sales tax education and training
    • Canadian sales tax audit assistance and management
    • Canadian sales tax transaction and planning advisory services
    • Canadian sales tax speaking engagements
    Contact: Christina Zurowski 647.930.3075
    YETTER – tax meets technology
    YETTER knows sales tax. How it works. How it impacts your business. How to be compliant. And how to strategize to your advantage. Offering expansive tax consulting and tax technology services for local and global companies, we work closely with financial and tax department leaders to translate complex issues, craft high-level strategies, evaluate solutions and train tax teams, then partner with trusted companies to execute implementation.
    • Sales & use tax strategic planning & visioning
    • Tax department structure & process reviews
    • Sales & use tax systems automation including vendor selection
    • Sales & use tax assistance including nexus studies, voluntary disclosures, taxability research, due diligence and audit defense
    • Sales & use tax education
    • Sales & use tax speaking engagements
    • Expert witness
    Contact: Diane Yetter 312.701.1800